Meet – Connect – Network – Create

Join us at ROCKNPOD weekend for a great opportunity meet fellow podcasters, connect with celebrity guests, network with all involved, and create tons of content in a single weekend! Check out the options below and become a ROCKNPOD registered podcaster today!

Check out the list of shows that will be appearing at this year's event

Decibel Geek Podcast

Ages Of Rock

Ages Of Rock Podcast

Cobras & Fire

Digital Killed The Radio Star

Digital Killed The Radio Star


The Plug With Bushy & Mountain Man

I Love It Loudcast

Rock And / Or Roll

Cheap Talk Podcast

The Electric Crush

I’m In Love With That Song


The Kiss Room

Tramps Like Us

Growin Up Rock

Growin’ Up Rock

Podcast Rock City

Zilch Podcast

Podder Than Hell

Talk Toomey

Fangirl With A Paycheck

Bombers and Sleeves: BombCast

Rachel's Rock Refuge

Rachel’s Rock Refuge

Live the tradition that is ROCKNPOD Expo

Here are some highlights from the second annual ROCKNPOD Expo.